Meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of design, manufacture and installation is the hallmark of a Stockhome kitchen.  The contemporary style of designer Nicholas Raaff is reminiscent of classic Scandinavian design. With its elements of simplicity, clean lines and balanced shapes and textures, the result is beautiful visual harmony. The combination of function and form is considered by him to be of utmost importance and these critical elements of design together with full personal involvement are applied and evident in each and every project.

WHAT MAKES A GREAT KITCHEN? Food. It is a major part of our conversation.

Coffee table books and specialist magazines fill the shelves of bookstores. Some of the most popular shows on television are the foodies. And neighbourhood markets revolve around it.  The kitchen of today has become a fully integrated part of daily living.  It is the centre of family life as well as a focal point of entertaining.  A great kitchen must be as functional and serviceable as it is alluring and beautiful.  Being the most complex room in the house, it needs to be planned with great attention to detail and skillfully designed and built, using quality finishes and appliances.  Your new kitchen can significantly add to the value of your life and your home, and be a pleasure to use everyday and for many years to come.